Wanta get into podcasting? Free site!

Wanta get into podcasting?

Here’s a free starter for you!

It’s called Podbean http://www.podbean.com/

There is a free and a paid option. I’m still using the free plan because I’m just getting started in podcasting and voiceover but if you are experienced and have many podcasts or recordings, you may want to check the paid version as well.

My profile is here: http://nevahowell.podbean.com/

By the way, if you don’t have a studio in your house, it’s fairly simple to soundproof your closet. You just need foam for the sides. Spring for as good a recording set up as you can because in podcasts and voiceover, quality is everything. I will be recording future podcasts on a Samson C01U. This was recommended to me by a fellow student in a broadcasting class I took and it came bundled with Cakewalk, an editing program. Look for it on amazon or ebay.