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I love theatre! There’s nothing like a live audience.

No performance is the same though the same words may be spoken or sung.

It’s magical!

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I used to do a lot of community theatre when I was younger and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about acting.

I also did a few amazing roles in Del Shore’s plays. My favorite had to be Juanita in Sordid Lives.

I met Del when I was in Los Angeles and when he gave permission to workshop Sordid with a new character added (before that, Juanita had not been in the stageplay, only the movie) I leapt at the chance to play her for the first time.

It was in Tennessee. After that, the theatrical version of Sordid Lives premiered in L.A. with the same actress who played Juanita so brilliantly in the film, Sarah Hunley, in her signature role of Juanita Bartlett.

Sordid was actually the second Del Shores play I was in. The first was Daughters of the Lone Star State, where I played Lola Faye Barnes. It just so happened that this small town production was directed by someone who knew Del and he just so happened to be in Chattanooga when it opened and was in the audience. What a thrill!

Del is one of the most talented and generous writers I know. He was gracious enough to let me interview him for my Creative Moments section on my website.

Want some great tips from a successful writer/producer/director?

A Creative Moment with Del Shores



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Hi and welcome!  My name is Neva Howell and I’ve been an actor since 1993, off and on. I’ve lived in L.A. a few times but ended up back in the south. The slower pace agrees with me and, luckily, there’s a lot more film and tv work coming to the south these days.

I live near Nashville so of course there’s Nashville, the tv show, filming here. There’s also a lot of stuff filming in Atlanta almost all the time, and North Carolina is busy too.

Regardless of whether you live here in the south or elsewhere, I hope to provide useful information for you here at Atomic Acting and be sure to follow us on twitter @atomicacting

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