Crowdfunding Feedback Requested

I’m just beginning to consider some type of crowdfunding for a sitcom idea I was developing on a web series site that has since canceled. The idea is about an eccentric group of home-free people (homeless by choice) who want to live a different way in the world and are drawn together by a woman named Princess Oleska.

Here’s the Intro to Shadrach Village

I play Princess Oleska and she is magical. She has a wand and everything. She spends her days interacting with folks in ways that help them remember their dreams.

I have a couple of videos on youtube showing a bit about how Princess O delivers her message:

Princess O and the Accountant

Princess O and the Caregiver

I’m curious as to how the different crowdfunding platforms have worked for other independent film makers? If you have used indigogo, gofundme, or seed&spark, I’d love to hear how it worked for you.

I’m leaning toward Seed & Spark┬ábecause of the way they explain things over there and the obvious passion for women filmmakers. I also like that their fees are lower than the other platforms and that they only allow film projects to be promoted there. There is such dilution on some of the others because inventors and well as those needing help for any kind of project are also present.