Casting in the south

If you live in the southern states and wanta get acting work in indies and non-union stuff, there is a website that lists a lot of extras work and indie casting.

It’s called Southern Casting Call

I don’t see hardly any union projects mentioned there except for working as an extra on a few (they list the Nashville show sometimes, for example) but for indie work in the south it may be a good resource for non-union actors to get some exposure and some stuff for their reel.

Just do your homework. Make personal contact and email back and forth with questions until  you are satisfied that the project is legit. Ask about travel stipends and lodging potentials if traveling. Ask your friends in the area if they know the people involved.

Acting Article:

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Stage 32 is a free networking site

Stage 32 is a networking site for those in the film, television, stage, etc. industry.

Whether you write scripts, make movies, act in films, write comics, draw, do podcasts or voiceover work, or direct/produce/cast, you’ll find something of value there.

Visit the Casting Notices page to see how many jobs are posted in your area. Last time I was there, there were 1675 active projects that need cast and crew.

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Hi and welcome!  My name is Neva Howell and I’ve been an actor since 1993, off and on. I’ve lived in L.A. a few times but ended up back in the south. The slower pace agrees with me and, luckily, there’s a lot more film and tv work coming to the south these days.

I live near Nashville so of course there’s Nashville, the tv show, filming here. There’s also a lot of stuff filming in Atlanta almost all the time, and North Carolina is busy too.

Regardless of whether you live here in the south or elsewhere, I hope to provide useful information for you here at Atomic Acting and be sure to follow us on twitter @atomicacting

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Let me know if you have specific questions about acting. I’d love to help.