Jason Bateman’s Ozark

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I was in Atlanta for a call back recently and decided to venture over to Canton on my way home. That’s where netflix has purchased some property and an old restaurant for a new series called Ozark that will star Jason Bateman.

I fell in love with Jason Bateman so long ago I can’t even remember the first time I saw him in something. I loved Arrested Development and the balance he gave Horrible Bosses. I’ve loved him in everything I’ve seen him do … until Ozark …

I may love it too but confess, I’m not sure I wanta see Jason Bateman as a bad guy. Of course, there isn’t much being said about the project at this point but what I have read suggests this is a rather dark drama.

Will wait and see…


Should an actor do extra work?

Extras, sometimes called background or atmosphere, are those folks behind the stars in almost every scene you see in a movie or television show. They are the folks walking by on the street, or driving down the road, or eating dinner next to the stars in a restaurant.

Acting is a tough business and some could argue that extra work is the toughest in terms of self-esteem. Often, background actors are herded like cattle, pointed at and called by “you an the blue shirt” and told to stand here or walk there.

So why do it?

When I first went out to Los Angeles and didn’t have a credit to my name, it was about the only acting work I could find. I wanted to be acting so badly that I felt anything was better than nothing.

What I discovered is just how rich a learning experience background work can be. There are advantages to be invisible!  I learned so much about acting, about different directing styles, about the technical aspects such as lighting, sound, camera angles, etc.

I came to appreciate extra work as paid training with good food.

I recommend this acting teacher

When I was in Los Angeles, I took some really awful acting classes. I walked out of a few as well. But then, there were those that shined, that helped me renew my passion for the craft and nourished my natural approach to acting rather than imposing some rigid technique.

One of my favorite teacher is Stephen Tobolowsky.

Last I heard, he still teaches improv at Kalmenson and Kalmenson in Burbank. I took his class there and I had more fun than I can describe. It wasn’t just fun, mind you, but the best kind of fun. When I look forward to an acting class because I know it will grow me while at the same time providing a high level of entertaining joy, that’s the best!

If you are in Burbank, I HIGHLY recommend Stephen Tobolowsky.

Looking for a free online acting class? Check out my own offering:  A Metaphysical Approach to Acting

Atomic Acting – Helping You Blow ‘Em Away!


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I live near Nashville so of course there’s Nashville, the tv show, filming here. There’s also a lot of stuff filming in Atlanta almost all the time, and North Carolina is busy too.

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