Kevin Spacey teaching online class

Learn from a master at his craft

I know Kevin Spacey has a massive body of work and any of his films is worthy of respect but the one that stands out for me is American Beauty, specifically just before his character dies. He is looking at a picture of his family, I believe, and realizing what he had. This could have been a very traumatic ending but something in the way he played it made me grateful that he realized the blessings before it was too late.

His character died seconds later but in that one moment, there was awareness, and a kind of bliss. Not the easiest choice he could have made in that moment in the script but I am so glad he made it.

Anyway, said all that to say that there is now an opportunity to learn from Kevin Spacey online. Believe it or not, the classes are even affordable.

If you’d like to know more about this amazing chance to learn, visit Masterclass where you’ll find information on a variety of just plain awesome connect potentials with masters of all kinds of craft.


Stephen Tobolowsky Rocks

One of the highlights of my last sojourn into tinsel town was to take an improv class with Stephen Tobolowsky.

Wow, was that fun and did it ever grow me as an actor.

It was just a few weeks but I experienced so much creative support and inspiration from Stephen. I love his humor and I love his approach.

The behind-the-scenes Hollywood stories were fun to hear too!

I had a creative moment inverview with Stephen that was absolutely great. You may want to read the tips given by a man who has appeared in over 300 different films and tv projects!

And if you are in the L.A. area, do yourself a favor

Stephen Tobolowsky Improv at Kalmenson and Kalmenson

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I live near Nashville so of course there’s Nashville, the tv show, filming here. There’s also a lot of stuff filming in Atlanta almost all the time, and North Carolina is busy too.

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